Awards & Media

02/09/2014 Best Of Week Image

“The Venice Loft” is selected as “Image of the week” on Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Blog , so proud!!


01/09/2014 -Best of 2014 di

I am absolutely honored and proud for receiving the Best Of 2014 on di for my work “The Venice Loft”


11/04/2014 -Evermotion

Vizcon3d is getting a new award, this time its frontpage on Evermotion (again.)

Evermotion_The VeniceLoft

11/04/2014 -ItooSoft Gallery

Happy to see my work “ASTRIDHOF residence” featured on ItooSoft Gallery.


24/03/2014 -Ronen Bekerman Blog

It’s a fantastic feeling being invited by Ronen Bekerman to write an article for the Making Of Astridhof Residence section on this Blog – Where I’ve learned so much from, and which has always been a great source of inspiration for me.


10/06/2013 -ItooSoft Gallery

A personal work “Roces House” featured on ItooSoft Gallery.


06/06/2013 -Matt Guetta

Some days after my post “Roces House” on Matt Guetta’s forum, I received a kind proposal from him asking me if I would make a “making of” Roces House to share knowledge with our community and I have to say that I’m glad and honoured to do that!


17/01/2013 -Evermotion

Some personal work “Roces House” on frontpage of Evermotion


04/03/2013 -Cgarchitect Inspiration

“Roces House” has been selected as one of the best images that Cgarchitect collected fot the past few month’s about “Glass” and “Water”.


19/02/2013 -Best Of di Treddi 2013

I am absolutely honored and grateful for receiving the Best Of Treddi 2013 Award for my work -“Roces House”


14/02/2013 -3Dartist magazine

“Roces House” published in the Gallery section of 3D Artist magazine #51.


17/12/2012 -3Dartist "Image of the Week"

Roces House has been selected for “Image of the week” at 3d artist!


17/09/2012 -3Dartist #46 - Volumetric lighting Q-A

I recently wrote an article for the 3D Artist Magazine on the subject of Volumetric Lighting. You can read it in the magazine on how can I have more control over volumetric light effect in 3ds Max without any extra pass in the base render??

The complete tutorial can be found on my Blog


09/07/2012 -3Dartist #43 - Have a break

Have a break published in the Gallery section of 3D Artist magazine #43.


21/05/2012 RenderSpirit - "Have a break"

Some weeks ago Renderspirit asked me to make a “Making of” of my Have a break, which I finished in the beginning of this year.
You can read the article here!


02/09/2011 -3Dartist #33 - KHouse

I have the great Honor to be featured in the Issue 33 of the 3D Artist Magazine. My image “K house” appears on the cover too, with a step-by-step infocus article inside.
I also wrote a four pages 3D tutorial about the making of the “K house”


Click om artikel te openen "Making of" Khouse

02/06/2011 -3DWorld #143 - KHouse

A 2 page publication of “Khouse” in 3dWorld!


Click om artikel te openen "Making of" Khouse